Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Speed dating 28 March 2009

We would like to thank the participants for making this event a wonderful one! This has got to be the best, by far! We hope you guys enjoyed yourselves, we definitely had a blast!

Some of comments that we received at the event:
"a whole new experience for me.."
"great job!"
"definitely worth more than what we paid for.."

Watch out for this space for more exciting events to come. We're planning for the next one in May, God willing. Let your friends know, they shouldn't miss out!

Friday, March 6, 2009

March Event

Date Escalade is back with a spanking new event lined up this month!

Why spend a Saturday afternoon alone when you could be getting to know up to 30 new friends? Come join us for this Speed Dating event and find out how many matches you could find in just 2 hours! This is one event you do NOT wanna miss! Make a Date with us and bring your single friends along.

If you are not within the age group but still interested to participate, do let us know and we may just include you in :)

Seats currently available:

New to speed dating? No problem. Read our guide to speed dating HERE

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Marriage: Selecting a Partner

Selecting a Marriage Partner

Marriage is recommended for partners who share a common way of life. The matrimonial partners should be able to fulfill their purpose of creation as defined by Allah. They should be able to effectively carry out their responsibility as care-takers (khalifah) of earth. They should share the common goal of building a well integrated Muslim community and be able to work harmoniously towards it.

Criteria for Selecting a Marriage Partner

Normally the criteria for selecting matrimonial mates are many: wealth, beauty, rank, character, congeniality, compatibility, religion, etc. The Quran enjoins Muslims to select partners who are good and pure (tayyib)

"Women of purity are for men of purity, and men of purity are for women of purity "(Quran 24:26)

Prophet Muhammad (S) recommended Muslims to select those partners who are best in religion (din) and character.

"A woman may married for four reasons: for her property, for her rank, for her beauty, and for her religion (and character). So marry the one who is best in the religion and character and prosper". (Bukhari and Muslim)

Prophet Muhammad (S) assured the bounty of Allah to those who wish to get married and live a pure and clean life.

"Three groups of people Allah obliged Himself to help them: Mujahid in the cause of Allah, a worker to pay his debt, and the one who wants to marry to live a chaste life". (Tirmidhi)

Freedom to Choose a Marriage Partner

Islam has given freedom of choice to those who wish to get married. The mutual choice of the would-be-spouses is given the highest consideration:

"do not prevent them from marrying their husbands when they agree between themselves in a lawful manner" (Quran 2:232)

The process of mate selection should be a function of a healthy balance between the freedom of choice of the would-be-spouses and consideration of the influence and consent of the parents/guardians.

The freedom of choice of those who wish to get married should not preclude the influence and consent of the parents/guardians nor should the parents/guardians ignore the wishes and consent of the would be spouses.

Falling in love is not a pre-condition for marriage in Islam. However, for the purpose of selecting an appropriate match, the would-be-spouses are allowed to see and/or talk to each other.

Prophet Muhammad (S) recommended:

"When one of you seeks a woman in marriage, and then if he is able to have a look at whom he wishes to marry, let him do so". (Abu Dawood)

The would-be-spouse are allowed to see each other for matrimonial purposes under the direct supervision of their mahram relatives. This provision is expected to be conceived and executed with piety and modesty.

Prophet Muhammad (S) instructed:

"No man has the right to be in the privacy with a woman who is not lawful for him. Satan is their third party unless there is a mahram". (Ahmad)

The would-be-spouses residing in non-Muslim societies are recommended to enter into a pre-nuptial commitment to safeguard Islamic values and Muslim personal law.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Event Cancellation


We are sad to announce that our event that was scheduled for 21st November was canceled due to the uneven number of male-female participants. As much as we can, we will try to get an equal number of men and women, however if the difference is prominent, we will cancel to maximize your satisfaction of joining events organized by Date Escalade.

Event : Date Escalade Speed Dating
Planned Date: 21st November 2008
Age Group : 30 - 37 yo female, 33 - 40 yo male

Insya-Allah, when we could gather enough contact of male participants for this age group in particular, we shall organize another nice event for this age group. Insya-Allah.

We welcome registration for the above age group...

Thank you


Date Escalade Team

Friday, November 28, 2008

Our Second Event!


We organized the second event on the 14th of November 2008. This time around we wanted to make it a smaller group of 10 pairs, however the response was so good, we couldn't resist but to say yes. In the end, 13 pairs turned up, and that was 26 people all together! Some of them actually came from Malacca, Kuantan and Seremban! Absolutely marvellous!

Because the response for this event was overwhelming, we decided to break the group into two; (scheduled another event on 28th November 08) whom the registered participants were exclusively invited. We will share with you the outcome of this event soon!

A picture (of course blurred for privacy purposes) :) for your viewing pleasure of the event on the 14th November 2008

Event : Date Escalade Second Session
Venue : Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
Age Group: 23 - 29 yo female; 25 - 32 yo male

Do register to be in our mailing list!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


We've been receiving an overwhelming response from the ladies!

14th November & 21st November: Girls section is now FULLY BOOKED. Any requests that we receive from now on will go on the waiting list. Please note that we strictly go on a first come basis.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

November events!

Date Escalade is back! This time we've got 2 Speed Dating events happening in November for different age groups. Email us with your details to confirm a place.

What a
re you waiting for? Seats are limited to 10 girls and 10 guys only!! Exact location will only be revealed to confirmed participants to ensure privacy.